Want To Up Your Photoshop Game With Edit My Snaps’ 1-2-1 Online Tutorials?

Photo by Thomas Q on Unsplash

Happy (slightly belated) New Year! Hope you’re already having a happy healthy time so far.

So, I’ve been thinking about what new and exciting retouching services Edit My Snaps could provide to help you guys nail 2020!

One idea that I’m really keen to explore is offering 1-2-1 online/Skype sessions with photographers (pro, semi-pro or amateur) or small business owners wanting to up their Photoshop game by learning essential corrective retouching skills.

There are so many potential shapes online Photoshop sessions could take, from live “Essential Skills” tutorials (from the super basics to more complex edits) choosing from a menu of short sessions focussing on one tool or technique at a time, to receiving live help with a specific retouching task that we could work through together or maybe you could simply sit back and watch while I retouch one of your photos, providing you with the finished edits and the knowledge to carry out similar work next time. I could maybe even show you how to improve on something you’ve already started by working live directly on the layered files you provide.

Sound like something that you’d be interested in? Are you hungry to push your Photoshop editing skills and learn fundamental, industry standard retouching techniques? Do you want to save a heap of time and gain more control over the quality of the content you’re putting out into the world?

I haven’t figured out the technicalities or finer details yet, I’m just putting the feelers out and would love to hear your thoughts. So if you’re a wedding, portrait or commercial (or basically any other kind of) photographer or you run a small business where taking, editing and posting photos of your products or services online is integral to making those all important sales, let me know what you think and what you’d love to learn in a 1-2-1 Photoshop tuition session.

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!

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