Remember Loved Ones Without Distractions

The contentment that retouching can often bring to someone, who thought their photos were unchangeable, is often immeasurable. This is never more evident than in the editing of memorial photos.

To see a visual representation of a loved one literally in a “better place” can be a powerful thing and can bring an overwhelming sense of peace to grieving family and friends.

Take a look at this step by step video of a memorial photo edit I created recently.

I took inspiration from recent “memorial” commissions, to edit the family’s favourite photo, (obviously I can’t post the real jobs) taking their loved one from a hard, urban environment and placing them in to a softer, more peaceful scene and giving them the chance to remember without distractions.

After removing the original background (keeping the detailed hair in) I sourced several stock images to create a unique and appropriate background including a wooden fence for the subject to lean on, replacing the hard metal bars in the original photo. Some careful editing was required to lower and straighten her arms so it appeared she was leaning on the wooden fence naturally. After creating the appropriate shadows under her hands and back I then applied a lens flare to create a subtle dream-like feel to the finished piece, ready to print on the front of the “Order of Service” sheets, enlarged to display at a memorial gathering or simply a private keepsake for family members.

Have you recently lost someone close to you? Are you struggling to find the perfect memorial photo?

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