Don't risk turning customers away with unprofessional jewellery photos.

I work with jewellery designers who often don't have time to take studio quality photos. Beautiful handmade rings are often photographed in difficult lighting conditions on smartphones creating inconsistent and unprofessional images which, when showcased online, risk the chance of customers walking away.

Using high quality retouching techniques I help turn quick snaps into consistent, balanced and inviting images, wowing customers and giving them the confidence to buy your amazing creations.

Rings designed & made by Stephanie Stevens Jewellery, St Ives, Cornwall

Ring Edits Overview

Basic I completely remove the existing background, balance the colour and density making them appear as close to a professionally lit shot as possible PLUS I’ll ensure it’s placed perfectly on a white background (see below re other colour backgrounds) with subtle natural shadowing under the ring where appropriate, using your preferred crop and sharpening the image if necessary.

Advanced Everything included in a Basic Edit PLUS the removal of any imperfections such as dust or unintended marks in metalwork or stones giving the product an extra flawless look.

Premium Everything included in an Advanced Edit PLUS any bespoke edits to the ring itself, including changes to the design and adding or removing reflections taking your photo to the next level.

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Other Types of Jewellery and Edits Not Listed Below

With an ever growing market for bespoke engagement and wedding rings, ring photos are by far the most popular images we retouch but Edit My Snaps are also capable of bringing that professional and consistent look to your necklace, pendant, earring and individual stone photography.

Essentially Edit My Snaps can enhance and improve photos of most types of products.

If you're looking for specific edits that are not listed below, no problem. Edit My Snaps can carry out all sorts of edits, from the very basic to the very complex. No job is too big or small. Check out our Before & After Gallery to see how Edit My Snaps is transforming all sort of photography then...

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Before & After


Ring Edit

£15 ($21) per photo

  • Pure white background*
  • Natural shadowing
  • Basic colour & density correction

  • Up to 2 rings in photo
  • Includes 1 revision

    * Other colours possible (see "Photography" below)

Ring Edit

£20 ($28) per photo

  • Basic Ring Edit 
  • PLUS removing small imperfections in ring metal and stones and any tape or blu-tac holding rings in position.

  • Up to 2 rings in photo
  • Includes 1 revision

Ring Edit

£30 ($41) per photo

  • Advanced Ring Edit
  • PLUS any bespoke adjustments e.g. changes to ring design, adding, manipulating or removing reflections or shadows in ring.

  • Up to 2 rings in 1 photo
  • Includes 1 revision

Pro Ring

From £150 ($204) per composite

Create stunning, realistic composites of pre-edited ring photos.

  • Includes 2 revisions
  • Contact for more info

  • Basic ring composites also available (see gallery)

Add Extra Services

Remove Background
($7) per photo

  • Background removed leaving just the ring

  • 2x .PNG files provided - source file NOT included. Files with and without shadows will be provided

Add Logo & Keyline Artwork
($3) per photo

  • Add your business logo plus a fine colour matched keyline border to 1x photo (see gallery example) with a white background

  • Includes FREE initial artwork set up that can then be used on all images

  • Images with both artwork and no-artwork will be provided

Source Files
($21) per photo

  • 2x .PNG files with a single ring layer with the white background removed. Files with and without shadows will be provided.

  • 1x .PSD file including a edited ring layer, a shadow layer, a sharpening layer, an original image layer plus all adjustment layers (artwork layer not included).

Before You Order


If you've not yet photographed your jewellery remember to place it on a sheet of white paper or card and capture the whole item surrounded by white. If you require your jewellery to be displayed on a different colour (e.g. black) simply photograph on preferred colour card or paper.

Using natural daylight really helps bring out the best in your jewellery, especially if you don't have any professional lighting, so try to take your photos near a bright window.

Feel free to send a test shot and we'll confirm if it's suitable for editing before you take the rest of your photos.

If you have any questions regarding photography just Drop Us a Line.

Sending Your Photos

When sending your photos to Edit My Snaps always try to send the highest quality images possible.

Email service providers often ask you what size you'd like to send your photos when attaching files to your email. When prompted always choose "original" or "highest" quality.

If you're unsure or you have a lot of photos we recommend sending them via WeTransfer using our email address where required: Any problems just shout and we'll get back to you asap.

Devil's in the Detail

When booking your jewellery edits please give as much detail about your requirements as possible. It'll help us deliver the best results.

Remember to let us know whether you require a Basic, Advanced or Premium Ring Edit for each photo. When booking a Premium Ring Edit please let us know what bespoke adjustments you require.

When booking a Pro Ring Composite - If you have an idea about how you imagine the final image to look let us know. If not we normally provide rough mock ups for you to look at and make changes before we carry out the final edit to ensure you're completely happy.

Basic Ring Composites are also available. Individual pre-edited ring photos evenly spaced out on a white background. Get in touch for more info.

Also don't forget to let us know if you'd like to add any Extra Services (listed above) to each photo.

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