Person Removal

Want to remove someone from a photo? Maybe someone got in the way of your professional photo shoot, maybe you have a photo that you want to use as a profile or business photo but it includes other people or maybe you have a photo of a loved one and you want all the attention to be on them.

Whatever your reason Edit My Snaps is here to help. We're highly experienced in removing people from photos (even ones you might think are impossible) and always work with an attention to detail often unmatched by other retouchers.

Check out some of our "before & after" edit examples below which highlight Edit My Snaps' ability to recreate complex areas of detail in order to seamlessly remove unwanted people from images. Everything from building up a complex area of a woman's dress to remove a gentleman's hand or seamlessly removing a person from a wedding group shot to removing people from the background of a wedding reception image or removing a gentleman from a portrait photo whilst ensuring the woman's complex hair detail is left intact. These are just a few examples of our work and we take on all sorts of similar edits from the very basic to the very complex.

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