Reflection Removal

Want to remove distracting reflections from glasses? Maybe you have a favourite photo from a shoot but you just couldn't get the right angle to avoid reflections in someone's glasses. Maybe the glasses are reflecting something that you no longer want in the shot like branding or studio lighting or maybe you want to show off the frames or eye area without any distractions.

Whatever your reason Edit My Snaps is here to help. We're highly experienced in removing reflections from glasses (even ones you might think are impossible) and always work with an attention to detail often unmatched by other retouchers.

Check out some of our "before & after" edit examples below. The edits range in complexity from "Simple" where the reflections are small and removed without intensive work to more "Detailed" edits where more involved retouching is required and all the way up to "Complex" reconstruction work.

Edit Examples

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