Completely transform your professional or amateur photos with these amazing services from Edit My Snaps...

Removing objects
Moving and adjusting objects
Removing people
Adding people
Head swaps
Eye swaps

Adjusting / swapping expressions
Adjusting clothing
Dirt & stain removal

Complex composites
Adjusting shadow & lighting
Creating depth of field

Skin blemish removal
Skin “smoothing”
Skin tone matching e.g. tan lines
Cut, scar, bruise removal
Eye whitening & brightening
Hair tidying
Hair shape manipulation
Hair reconstruction / removal

Background removal
Background swaps
Sky enhancement
Sky swaps

Reflection removal e.g. glasses, windows
CCD mark, lens hood, lens flare removal

Model and mannequin removal
E-commerce / product editing
Creating complex clipping masks

Image restoration
Image Colourisation
Colour popping
Bespoke Spot The Differences


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