Business Owners Beware! Unedited Photos Could Be Damaging Your Reputation!

Are you a sole trader or do you run a small business? Does the quality of your product photography match the quality of your brand?

Many sole traders or small businesses often only have a phone camera to hand when photographing their products and making the time to ensure the photos are consistently well edited can be difficult. This lack of consistency in editing could easily lead to, not only your website, social media and products looking messy and unappealing but also you, your brand and business appearing disorganised, sloppy and unprofessional. 

When you offer high quality products you can’t compromise on the imagery you use to promote and sell them. You need to show your products (& business) at their best. This doesn’t necessarily mean super high resolution photos but it does mean consistent, clean and distraction free images.

At Edit My Snaps I give your e-commerce and product your photos the consistent professional edge required to impress potential customers and protecting your reputation for high quality products and services.

Diamond Ring Edit

Diamond Ring Edit Cut Out

Diamond Ring Unedited

This stunning ring from Ocean Diamonds Ltd was quickly snapped on a smartphone but sadly the sticky tape, lack of light and the rushed composition of the photo took the attention away from the rings true beauty. Ocean Diamonds needed the photo to match the high quality of their products and brand in order to post online and promote their business.

As well as cutting the ring out precisely, colour correcting and adding an appropriate shadow, the edit also included removing any imperfections and seamlessly building up the band to remove the tape holding the ring upright. All that was left to do was to place the ring on a pure white background ready for posting online.

Don’t risk damaging your reputation! If you run a business offering stunning products and want to ensure your product photos are beautifully consistent and attracting the customers you deserve, then don’t hesitate to Get In Touch today to discuss all your retouching requirements.

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