Spot The Difference!

We’re now deep in COVID-19 lockdown in the UK and if you have kids and they’re anything like ours, they’ll be climbing the walls by now. The challenge of finding things for them to do that’ll catch their attention is like searching for the holy grail. This week the time finally came to employ the Edit My Snaps retouching skills in the fight against boredom - Mine and theirs! Photoshop and Wacom tablet at the ready I sat down to create a “Spot The Difference” challenge using a home photo taken earlier in lockdown life when making a simple fruit salad was all it took to keep them smiling. Several cups of tea later I’d created 14 differences made up of seamlessly removed objects, things subtly moved around and a couple of surprises added along the way.

Needless to say it didn’t exactly distract them for hours BUT it was a really fun, personalised activity to get their brains working and was certainly a lot of fun to create!

If you want to have a go at the challenge I created click the photo above to zoom in. You can also Download a printable PDF of the Spot The Difference plus a “Solutions” sheet to see how many you got right.

Better still if you’d like Edit My Snaps to create a personalised Spot The Difference challenge for you and your kids using one of your own photos, drop me a line TODAY! I’m currently offering FREE retouching throughout April (and probably beyond) so there’s nothing to lose. All you need to provide is a decent quality photo detailed enough to create some differences similar to the photo I used. I can’t guarantee the number of changes I’ll be able to make but the more details/objects/people in the photo the more differences in your personalised Spot The Difference challenge! Availability is limited so Get In Touch today!

Stay home and stay safe - Steve.

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